web-page was launched

In 2017, “Renaissance” cultural and intellectual foundation launched the process of collecting the content for the web-site devoted to Grigor Narekatsi. Saint Gregory of Narek is an Armenian medieval monk, theologian, mystical poet, composer and a philosopher, is considered the founder of the renaissance of Armenian literature. The creation of the web-site has an aim of making Narekatsi’s greatest heritage available to the diverse public.
On October 13th, 2018, web-page was launched. The web-page is introduced in 3 languages: Armenian, English, Russian. It contains biography of Narekatsi, links to films, programmes, articles in Armenian, English, Russian and many other languages, dedicated to the Saint. The web-page includes folk stories, taghs, gandzes, prayers and other works of various publication years and countries. The foundation is in the middle of processes to feature translations of “Book of Lamentations” in Italian, German, Arabic, Turkish, Persian and many other languages. The web-page gives an opportunity to read all of these in text and/or book versions. The web-site also has a seperate section dedicated to the monastery of Narek, where the user can find information on the monastery, as well as photos.