The principal Biblical themes will appear on the altar of the church of Saint Jacob, Vardenis

The altar of Saint Jacob Church in Vardenis will feature canvases adorned with depictions of the main themes from the Bible, created by artist Mikael Harutyunyan.

Following its renovation and re-consecration in 2012, the “Renaissance” Foundation undertook the initiative to depict the life of Christ, from Birth to Ascension, through paintings within the church along the entire length of the altar.

The selection of themes for the Holy series was meticulous and involved extensive discussions. The artist collaborated closely with the bishop and clergy to finalize the topics. Ultimately, it was decided that key episodes from the life of Christ would be depicted on canvases. The artist behind this endeavor is Mikael Harutyunyan, who has already completed several paintings. “All five Feasts will be depicted on the canvases. We have carefully chosen the themes for each canvas to convey a clear message to Christians,” Harutyunyan explains.

A total of 12 canvases will grace the walls of the Church of St. Jacob in Vardenis. The first canvas, depicting the Nativity of Christ, will adorn the left side, while the series will conclude with an image of the Assumption of Mary on the right side of the altar.