Armenia TV on the latest TV concert organized by the “Renaissance” Foundation (VIDEO)

On February 11, viewers tuned in to Armenia TV to experience the captivating performances of the “Akunk”. This time, the “Renaissance” Foundation, in collaboration with Artur Shahnazaryan, the artistic director of “Akunk,” curated a selection of 10 exceptional works, treating the audience to a memorable TV concert. Shahnazaryan shared insights into the collaboration during the Morning Show of Armenia TV.

The “Armenian National Musical Treasury” takes center stage, showcasing the timeless melodies that have resonated through generations. Artur Janibekyan’s “Renaissance” Foundation, in partnership with Armenia TV, presents yet another exclusive TV concert. According to Shahnazaryan, the “Armenian National Music Treasury” stands as a landmark project not only in Armenia but also on a global scale. He explains, “Arthur Janibekyan made the bold decision to archive our entire musical heritage—a feat unparalleled in any other nation’s history. While individual initiatives exist, none match the comprehensive scope of this endeavor. Janibekyan even commissioned 500 paintings, each corresponding to a musical piece, underscoring the project’s grandeur.”

Over several years, experts in the field collected, recorded, and archived Armenian national and spiritual songs. Today, the website hosts over 500 musical compositions, including 60 performances by “Akunk.” These songs are readily accessible for streaming or download via the website or mobile app.

The overarching goal of the “Armenian National Music Treasury” is to disseminate national, folk, and spiritual music, thereby fostering global appreciation for Armenian culture and art.