Initiated by the “Renaissance” Foundation, a spiritual musical film inspired by the cantos of Saint Grigor Narekatsi has been brought to life (VIDEO)

The “Renaissance” Foundation presents “Tagh: the Path of the Soul”, a film that showcases the unique beauty of Armenian medieval poetry through Narekatsi’s cantos. It will grace the screens of the “Moscow” cinema for three days, with admission being free. Director Vahe Yan and co-author of the script, soloist Vahe Begoyan, shared insights about the project on the Morning Show of Armenia TV.

The general producer is Artur Janibekyan, with the visionary idea conceived by Artak Aleksanyan and directed by Vahe Yan. Vahe Yan emphasized the crucial role of Vahe Begoyan in shaping the film’s structure, stating, “Without Vahe Begoyan’s involvement, the film wouldn’t possess such a robust foundation.”

The filming journey of “Tagh: the Path of the Soul” traversed seven symbolic monasteries, with Vahe Begoyan serving as both soloist of the verses and co-author of the script. He highlighted the film’s profound layers, promising viewers new revelations with each viewing.

Renowned actors lend their talents to recite Narekatsi’s verses in the film. According to the director, “Tagh: the Path of the Soul” features performances by Nazeni Hovhannisyan, Khoren Levonyan, Tigran Nersisyan, Nelly Kheranyan, Marjan Avetisyan, Shant Hovhannisyan, Rozi Avetisova, and Samvel Topalyan. He explained the deliberate choice of culturally influential figures to enhance the impact of the performances.

“Renaissance” Foundation’s “Tagh: the Path of the Soul” will enchant audiences at Moscow cinema on April 5, 6, and 7, before Easter. Entrance is free.