“Renaissance” Foundation 2023: a spiritual-musical film, TV Projects, Literary magazine, Website branding (VIDEO)

Hnevank, Kaputni Surb Minas, Geghardavank, Sanahin…seven symbolic Armenian churches resounded with the cantos of Narekatsi, supplemented by two additional pieces: “Mary at the Cross” and “Mary Magdalene” shaping the narrative of the “Renaissance” Foundation’s “Tagh: the Path of the Soul” spiritual musical film.

In addition to the spiritually stirring scenes, the film also incorporates footage of the liberation of Shushi on May 9, 1992. Artur Janibekyan serves as the general producer of the “Tagh: the Path of the Soul” with Vahe Yan directing and Vahe Begoyan as the co-author and soloist of the cantos. The author of the idea is Artak Aleksanyan. The film premiered in Yerevan, filling the Moscow cinema for nearly a week, followed by a screening at St. Anna Cathedral and later in Gyumri. Additionally, the film was presented in Artsakh during its besiegement.

A few months following its screenings, “Tagh: the Path of the Soul” was featured at the CIS countries’ international festival. Additionally, the “Renaissance” Foundation collaborated with Armenia TV on another musical endeavor. The TV concert “Songs from the National Musical Treasury” stands out as one of the Foundation’s flagship programs. It showcased 10 carefully selected songs from the “Armenian National Musical Treasury,” performed by Tovmas Poghosyan and the “Sayat Nova” ensemble.

A few months later, Armenia TV and the “Renaissance” Foundation unveiled another set of 10 songs from the “Armenian National Musical Treasury,” this time performed by the “Akunk” ethnographic ensemble.

In addition, a memorandum between “Radiojan” and the “Renaissance” Foundation was signed, marking the beginning of a unique joint project. As of November 2022, over 500 songs and musical compositions featured in the Armenian music.am website can also be streamed on “Radiojan.” These recordings, spanning Armenian folk, instrumental, and church music, have been meticulously curated and compiled by leading experts in Armenia over several years.

Last year, “Inknagir” magazine was relaunched with the support of the “Renaissance” Foundation. The theme of the new, 10th issue of this literary journal, which has been published since 2005, focuses on the topic of war: self-healing through literature. This edition is dedicated to the memory of Vahan Ishkhanyan.

All projects and films are on the website of the “Renaissance” Foundation. After the branding of rf.am the logo and visual solutions of the Foundation were changed. A new strategy for the Foundation was developed, and it was decided that the Armenian version of the Foundation’s name, “Veratsnund” would be used.