“Renaissance” Foundation and “Radiojan” sign a memorandum of cooperation (video, photos)

“Renaissance” Foundation signed a memorandum with “Radiojan”, according to which Armenian folk, instrumental and church music will be on the air on “Radiojan” radio channel. The “Renaissance” Foundation founded by Arthur Janibekyan has recorded more than 500 songs and musical compositions, creating the “Armenian National Music Treasury”. The purpose of this project is to preserve and collect the Armenian cultural heritage.

The best specialists of Armenia have been recording and re-recording Armenian folk, instrumental and church music for several years. Today, more than 500 songs and music are already online availabla at armenianmusic.am. From now on, those works can be heard on the air on “Radiojan”.
The memorandum was signed by the foundation’s spokesperson Artur Bakhtamyan and the director of “Radiojan” Anush Nikoghosyan. After the signing ceremony, Artur Bakhtamyan said: “It’s special for me because I started my career on the radio. And this memorandum will open new horizons.”

The aim of the new project is to make national, folk and spiritual music widespread, to contribute to the world recognition of Armenian culture and musical art. The director of “Radiojan” emphasizes that the lack of such projects has been heard for a long time and she also says: “People love national songs, our audience calls us and asks to play more songs like those.”

The “Armenian National Music Treasury” is one of the biggest projects of the “Renaissance” Foundation. In this way, the foundation tries to preserve the Armenian cultural heritage and pass it on to the generations.