“Saroyan house” project has celebrated the 1st anniversary of the William Saroyan House Museum and 111th anniversary of the birth of William Saroyan.

August 31, 2019.
“Renaissance” cultural and intellectual foundation has organized a small exhibition and reception in Saroyanesque manner.
The guest were Saroyan lovers, team members, etc. The small exhibition was presenting Saroyan’s artworks and also the photo exhibition, bringing alive Saroyan’s trip to Armenia. The team also presented museum statistics of the first year and future plans. Also, it was last year this day that the first and the only museum dedicated to William Saroyan opened its doors for its honorable visitors, and it has been a year since the museum has been welcoming and surprising guests from all over the world with its innovative technologies. During the past year, the museum has had more than 2,500 visitors and implemented various small and large projects. It should be noticed that the creation of the museum was fully carried out by the Renaissance Cultural and Intellectual Foundation operating in Armenia, and this year, as in the previous three years, the Saroyan House project’s team celebrates Saroyan’s anniversary.