“Tagh: the Path of the Soul” will be presented in Gyumri

“Tagh: the Path of the Soul,” a film based on Narekatsi’s cantos and produced by the “Renaissance” Foundation, will be screened in Gyumri for three days. Following its premiere, it will be shown on the big screen of the “Moscow” cinema for an additional 10 days. Moreover, the film was presented in Artsakh in a packed hall.

Following the enthusiastic response from Gyumri, the “Renaissance” Foundation has decided to bring the film to the town as well. Three exclusive screenings are scheduled at the “Oktober” cinema on May 8, 9, and 10, at 6 p.m.

A unique format was chosen for the film. Vahe Begoyan is the soloist of the cantos, as well as the co-author and advisor of the script. The director of the film is Vahe Yan, and the author of the idea is Artak Aleksanyan.

The filming occurred in Hnevank, a masterpiece of medieval architecture, Kaputni Surb Minas, Geghardavank and Sanahin Monastery. Footage of the liberation of Shushi on May 9, 1992, Ghazanchetsots and Yerablur was also incorporated.

The spiritual music project includes 5 medieval cantos by Grigor Narekatsi and 2 other cantos with unknown authors that reached us thanks to Komitas. Narekatsi’s cantos are more than modern, they sound from the depths of centuries and are a guide even in our days.