Thanks to the “Renaissance” Foundation, the “First Sheet Music of Armenian Modern Songs” was created (video)

This comprehensive collection encompasses the finest and most renowned songs, movie soundtracks, urban romances, and dance melodies from the past century, all conveniently housed on a single platform. The inaugural sheet music of modern Armenian songs is available now.

The works of renowned Armenian composers and contemporary authors from 1920 to 2020, including Aram Khachatryan, Edgar Hovhannisyan, Arno Babajanyan, Robert Amirkhanyan, Hayko, Artur Grigoryan, Elvina Makaryan, and other prominent modern figures, have been meticulously recorded and digitized. Not only have popular Soviet and post-Soviet Armenian modern and pop songs been digitized, but they have also been preserved for posterity through this unique initiative.

Spearheaded by the “Renaissance” Foundation, the Armenian pop music anthology ensures that these cultural treasures are safeguarded and passed on to future generations of musicians. Building upon its prior success in digitizing national folk songs, the Foundation has further expanded its efforts by compiling and processing the hundred most beloved Armenian pop songs.

Armenian pop, urban, lyrical, and romantic songs, crafted by seasoned composers, were solely preserved through live performances, lacking any written notation. Now, a groundbreaking initiative has changed this paradigm. A lead sheet has been meticulously crafted for each song, consolidating the song’s lyrics, melody, and harmony into a single document. Musicians seeking to interpret these timeless compositions from the past century can now access them on the website, where they can purchase and download the original song along with its sheet music. All copyrights are duly protected.

Generously, some notes were contributed to the foundation by the descendants or successors of the original authors and composers. Already, a hundred songs have been meticulously transcribed, but the anthology of Armenian popular songs remains open for further enrichment, potentially encompassing over a thousand more songs.