The cantos of Grigor Narekatsi will resound in the new film with both classical and vernacular (VIDEO)

On the eve of Easter, the “Renaissance” Foundation presents director Vahe Yan’s “Tagh: the Path of the Soul” film. It will be screened on April 5, 6, and 7 at the Moscow cinema, with free admission. Additionally, the film will be available on international platforms.

According to Vahe Yan, the film will present exceptional samples of Armenian medieval poetry, specifically Narekatsi’s cantos. The film is based on seven cantos performed by soloist Vahe Begoyan, merging classical Armenian with a modern vernacular.

Vahe Begoyan, the film’s screenwriter and soloist, emphasizes the relevance of Narekatsi’s poetry in contemporary times. He explains that the chosen actors were selected based on merit and suitability for the roles, given the profound nature of Narekatsi’s cantos.

Describing the film’s genre as a blend, Begoyan clarifies that it’s a spiritual musical but not a traditional musical film. Instead, the actors embody the essence of the characters, conveying the lines’ meaning directly to the audience through their performances.

Begoyan also mentioned that the film will have more than three screenings, with plans for international distribution. As previously mentioned, it will be shown on April 5, 6, and 7 at the Moscow cinema. Entrance is free.