“The spiritual musical film “Tagh: the Path of the Soul” will once again grace the grand screen of the Moscow Cinema

Starting April 20, the Moscow cinema will resume the screening of “Tagh: the Path of the Soul.” The film, inspired by Narekatsi’s cantos, captivated audiences in its initial three-day run at the beginning of April. Encouraged by the enthusiastic response, the “Renaissance” Foundation decided to extend the screening.


Having filled the hall for three consecutive days, the Foundation opted to showcase the spiritual-musical film once again from April 20 to 28. “Tagh: the Path of the Soul” will grace the big screen once daily. Showtimes can be found on the cinema’s website and social media pages. The proceeds from the film screenings will be directed towards charitable programs in Artsakh.

Following six months of filming, “Tagh: the Path of the Soul,” made its debut on the big screen. The film, produced by the “Renaissance” Foundation, draws inspiration from the profound cantos of Grigor Narekatsi. These cantos are recited by seven globally renowned actors throughout the film.

Directed by Vahe Yan and conceptualized by Artak Aleksanyan, with Arthur Janibekyan serving as producer and the founder of the “Renaissance” Foundation, the film features Vahe Begoyan as the soloist of the Narekatsi cantos and co-author of the script.

In addition to the soloist, seven esteemed actors—Nazeni Hovhannisyan, Khoren Levonyan, Marjan Avetisyan, Tigran Nersisyan, Nelly Kheranyan, Shant Hovhannisyan, Rozi Avetisova, and Samvel Topalyan—narrate Narekatsi’s cantos in the film.

Throughout filming, the creative team immortalized seven symbolic monasteries.

Furthermore, on April 18, “Tagh: the Path of the Soul” will also be screened in Artsakh.