Yerevan Premiere of the Documentary Film “Lights, Camera, Saroyan” at the Cafesjian Art Center

On September 25th, the “Renaissance” cultural and intellectual Foundation organized the Yerevan premiere of the documentary film “Lights, Camera, Saroyan” as part of the William Saroyan house-museum project. The screening took place in the Special Events Auditorium at the Cafesjian Art Center. The opening speech was delivered by Professor Barlo Der Mgrdechyan, the head of the Department of Armenian Studies at California State University in Fresno.

“Lights, Camera, Saroyan” delves into the personal life and works of William Saroyan, the Pulitzer Prize and Oscar-winning playwright and artist. Through exclusive interviews with Saroyan’s relatives and friends, the film provides insights into Saroyan’s life in Fresno and beyond.

The documentary offers a glimpse into various episodes of Saroyan’s life, capturing the essence of his spirit and exploring the history behind the creation of the museum. It promises to uncover intriguing answers to questions posed to the project team.

The film was screened in its original version with Armenian subtitles, allowing the audience to fully immerse themselves in Saroyan’s captivating story.