Who we are

“Renaissance” cultural and intellectual foundation is a non-profit organization, does not pursue commercial benefit. It acts on the basis of international treaties of Republic Armenia, according to the constitution of RA and is available around the country. “Intellectual Renaissance” and “Cultural Renaissance” foundations were found in 2013 and 2014 accordingly, and were operating separately until 2017.

In 2017, the foundations have united and are continuing their work as “Renaissance” cultural and intellectual foundation.

The foundation works on preserving, developing and sharing Armenian intellectual and cultural heritage. To this aim, our foundation has implemented a number of projects, such as:

  • Saroyan House | Purchase of William Saroyan’s house to transform it into a house-museum
  • Armenianmusic.am | Armenian National Musical Treasury
  • Renaissance of Narekatsi
  • Contribution to the development of the Armenian Wikipedia
  • Contribution to the Armenian translation of “Khan Academy”
  • Publications and republications of books
  • “Men” group of statues and “Eternal conduct”
  • High Fest