“Renaissance” Foundation presents new books by two Armenian female writers

The “Renaissance” Foundation has emerged as the general partner for the latest books penned by two Armenian female authors, Susanna Harutyunyan and Narine Kroyan. Newmag publishing house is set to unveil the latest works of these contemporary writers during Women’s Month.

For the first time, Newmag is releasing a collection of short stories. Penned by the acclaimed author of “Andranik’s Last Horse”and “Crows Before Noah”, both recipients of the RA President’s Award, this new anthology is titled“The Guilty Past of the Forest”. Within its pages lie 19 captivating tales, each featuring characters who seem to be stuck in the past, both in spirit and character. These narratives are brimming with humor, drama, and intrigue, offering readers a journey that is at times shocking, exhilarating, and thoroughly engaging.


The “Renaissance” Foundation proudly presents Narine Kroyan as the other esteemed author partnering with us. Renowned for her award-winning novel“Bella Belladonna” , Narine Kroyan unveils her latest masterpiece, “The Time of the Flies”, dedicated to the 44-day war. Continuing her exploration of strong yet vulnerable women, a theme skillfully portrayed in her previous works, Kroyan introduces readers to Sona. As Sona embarks on a quest to locate her son and husband amidst the chaos of war, she encounters treacherous officers and an enemy disguised as a fellow Armenian soldier.

This collaboration between the “Renaissance” Foundation and Newmag publishing house marks yet another milestone in their ongoing partnership. Previously, they jointly presented Narine Abgaryan’s acclaimed work “Three Apples Fell from the Sky” and the poignant 10th issue of the literary magazine “Inknagir”, dedicated to the war. As their collaboration continues to flourish, the next issue of the magazine is set to be released soon.

Presentations of the short story collection “The Guilty Past of the Forest” and the novel “The Time of the Flies” will be held on March 13 and 20 at the Common Ground bookstore-cafe.